Micaël Queiroz was born in Paris in 1982. After spending 15 years of his life in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he returned to Paris where he now resides and works.

Micaël kicks with his right and draws with his left. By the age of 5, he realized his true calling when his preschool teacher noticed he was the only child in class who could draw a face from an angular perspective. Years later he began to explore the humorous side of drawing guided by Pati (Pagina/12), one of his art teachers, and he published his first drawing after turning 15 years old. Micaël completed his high school studies at the “Centro Polivalente de Arte de San Isidro” and continued to develop his skills as an illustrator with artist Hermenegildo Sabat and, as a painter, with Hector Maranesi. He produced his first individual exhibit in 2001 at the “Alianza Francesa de Buenos Aires”.

Once back in Paris he collaborates with different magazines and prestigious literary journals, including L’Imbecile, directed by Frederic Pajak. He publishes for four years on Page 3 of Philosophie Magazine, illustrating Alexandre Lacroix editorial. In 2010 he publishes his first book “Un Argentin à Paris” (Buchet-Chastel editions). The same year “La Familia Ilustrada”, in collaboration with Laura Gutman, comes out. In 2014 his second book "L'Air du Temps" was published in the collection Les Cahiers Dessinés.

A passionate lover of home-made ice cream, fan of soccer star Diego Maradona and a regular visitor to Italy and Holland.